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Aidez moi

C'est génial de pouvoir créer içi un blog gratuit et facile. Mais, je n'arrive pas à telecharger une photo de profil.. Comment y arriver SVP !
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Want Your Curly Hair to Rock??

Ok all you curly hair lasses . . . it’s payback time! It’s time to step up and have those naturally curly hair pay up for you once and for all! hair extensions for cheap The timing of this contest could not have been more appropriate with summers humidity lurking . . . waiting to put it’s creative mark on all of you with curly hairstyles. Looks like the only requirement is that your curly hair is real AND that you use a little imagination in expressing what those curls would say for this “If these curls could  talk” contest!

	The ” If these curls could talk” contest is put on by none other than the acclaimed, “Queen of Curl,” Ouidad! Ouidad, has specialized in curly hair since the 80’s and dibs title of the first hair care salon to produce a line of products formulated specifically for curly hair.

	Ouidad products contain proteins, vitamins and antioxidants contending to give more definition, shine and manageability to curly hair. She additionally has taught her signature hair cutting and styling technique for curly hair called “carving and slicing,” to many professionals in the industry over the years. If that is not enough, she has also authored the book,”Curl Talk ,” that can be found at nationwide bookstores.

	Ouidad, turns curly hair from bad to fab

	The grand prize winner will receive a trip for two for a “curly girl” weekend in NYC, a makeover from Ouidad, products, a $500.00 American Express gift card and more! There will also be gifts for runner ups as well as other entrants. To enter this contest all you need do is upload pictures of your curly hair here and fill in the “talking bubbles” of what your curls would say “if these curls could talk.”

	It’s time to get a payback for all you who have suffered the ravages of curly hair . . . especially in summers humidity . . . Aaarrghh!

	And if you have tried Ouidad curly hair products, or end up trying them out because of this contest, let the rest of us know how they work for you!! cheap closure hair piece
By: kiko001 » By: kiko001

LiY PVC-Single Core flex data cable

In GB/T 5470-2008 in plastic brittle temperature impact test method can know, plastic is needed in a variety of utility under the condition of bear or withstand the impact of low temperature bending.Processing orientation, thermal history, when the wire and cable costs when the force imposed on the material, especially the speed force will affect the brittleness of polymers.When an application of deformation conditions similar to the conditions specified in the test method, the brittle temperature can be used to predict the plastic material  behavior at low temperature.Brittle transition temperature test for measuring the polymer lost toughness "glassy" temperature.
	Cable temperature and the minimum installation of PVC Flexible Cables material of low temperature brittle temperature relationship must be inseparable.But how do corresponding relationship, have yet to have authority report.Generally higher than the brittle temperature 5 ℃, the impact test specimen is zero risk of open crack.Theoretically, if the impact of the installation when laying at this moment, less than under the condition of test impact can be construction.But here involves a variety of cable type and construction specification and the practical testing data of supporting.

The flexible wire cable online

Aluminum alloy cable products, this new technology has been recognized by more and more users and development trend.But the emergence of new things and development process, there will always be a random phase.Aluminum alloy cable industry this mess, from industry to Open Day.Recently, the flexible wire cable online in the release of the aluminum alloy cable misguided interpretation 13 chaos, revealed the main chaos in the industry.But, the above has not been mentioned in this paper chaos and lots more.Such as some professional manufacturers,  the network company, fake company will have a lot of foul play was involved in the so-called aluminum alloy cable test report.
	Our country the current detection method is to sample testing, test results only to the sample, that is to say, the samples were sent by your own, your sample route yourself responsible, I test results only to the charge to the samples you sent me.Formal professional manufacturers sample no problem, it is their products.And non-professional company, network company, fake because of no production flat flexible cable products of the company or the ability to produce qualified products, the sample of the inspection route, I'm afraid only say clear from which its own normal manufacturer sells to or touch.So in no field whether a company really has the capability of manufacturing aluminum alloy cable, not only believe the inspection report provided.



j'ai voulu juste tester d'abord
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